Should we hear the kid out or leave him to cry?

“Don't overlook his actions”, “watch him play”, “don't give him too much of attention”, “Oh pay some attention to the kid also”, “give a child attention”, “give a kid a platform to perform” and what not? when surrounded by kids. These little creatures ask nothing but a balanced amount of attention till particular age or till the time the child hears you out back and starts paying attention to you. The kid fell down and injured himself till when to aid him or pay heed to, the answer is maybe till he can learn to aid himself enough or may aid him for few times in the beginning? Personally, I don't think this requires much attention but has anyone heard such questions at home, How did you sleep?? Are you all right? How was your day?

Too little attention can make the kid seek attention from his surroundings or loved ones throughout his life or till the time he himself realizes. Unfortunately, till the time a child realizes he has been seeking attention he is already a person who cannot pay attention to anything or has become self-centered in his own bubble. Too much attention and care can turn him into a monster or someone hiding in the bushes wanting to remain unnoticed. There is no way one would ask who must not leave the child unattended but how much attention does a child actually needs?

A lot of live life-like is missed in the journey of taking up new challenges and fighting the existing responsibilities. Surroundings of studies and work might divert for the time being. Studies, life lessons, new learning, competitive exams, or any kind of exam aren't the same without heaving your parent to hear you out or ask about. Meanwhile, everything that was asked about or shared fades away in the process of becoming an actor or hero of the adulthood world.

As a grown-up with no one paying heed to what I was really doing, I realized how much Life I have missed in the process already. In the era of early ’20s, I was touching my late 20’s, just when I realized that depression is a fashion outfit, an outfit that someday or the other you will wear after it is out of fashion or an outfit that could come back after years. A lot of that is misunderstood under the umbrella of depression or loneliness or rejection or fear of failure, something that settles uneasily in the head. A father is someone who pays and should pay attention to his kids. I miss my father because he would hear me out whether it was studies or anything else out of the universe. I grew up watching him and copying him throughout my life. I miss my grandmother for caring and giving selflessly. Today cricket, old movies, old songs, old books, and other learnings are something I do without them. I do everything I can to keep them alive in me, watch movies, current affairs, or cricket to keep him alive inside me. The challenge I fight in doing so is loneliness no ear to hear me out. All those interests of your family you see them watching with so much eagerness and you grew up with that how can you ignore them. Have you ever discussed business, finance, news, or sports with your parents, there is a different feeling about that?

I really never want to mix the terms anxiety, depression, or homeliness. Homeliness is when someone you look up to hear you out, shows some confidence in your dumbness, someone who thinks you are the best of all still criticizes you and shows trust. Homeliness is something where a woman who brings you to life makes sure you never go off-track. Homeliness is something where two people have coordinated throughout their lives to make sure you get attention and care in different forms. Homeliness is full of comfort even if you are away living alone on your own. It is something that won’t let you do wrong in life, if you do you might hear the voice of either of your parents. One can never get rid of Homeliness no matter how good and warm people you are surrounded with. The only way to sustain it is to cherish it and pass it on. I wish everyone finds their Homeliness and can keep them live inside them. In the process of understanding everything I realized one thing as a parent, it is not easy to keep your child away from you or give up on your child and as a kid, I realized you learn to stand on your own when you are away. But homeliness is something build up on two-way attention set up back from the roots. Something that puts you to rest.

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